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How to Manifest Your Big Idea

By | Dorie Clark | Duke & Columbia Business Prof; Ranked #1 Communication Coach; HBR Author; Top 50 Business Thinker in World – Thinkers50

Hello and welcome back to my newsletter! This week we have advice from the business podcast pioneer of Entrepreneurs on Fire, John Lee Dumas! And later today as part of my live interview series for Newsweek, Better, I’ll be talking with the author of To Be Honest, Ron Carucci, at 12 pm EDT/9 am PT/5 pm GMT. Join us for a conversation about how to create an ethical culture at work, and if you’ve joined us in the past, I encourage you to go a step further this week and join in on the conversation as we take questions from the audience! For a calendar reminder about today’s interview, click here.

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John Lee Dumas has created a multi-million dollar business out of his big idea: a daily business podcast interviewing entrepreneurs. In the years since, he has interviewed over 3,000 of them, and surprisingly found they took a very common step-by-step path. He’s outlined this process in his new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success. Here are a few highlights from our conversation about the process of keying in on our big idea and putting the wheels into motion. If you’d like to see our talk in its entirety, it is available here on my YouTube channel.

Identify your idea:

“So many people in this world right now are just getting out there and trying to become pale, weak imitations of other people. They see these successful entrepreneurs or people that are out there doing something and say, ‘I want that success, I want to achieve that,’ but nobody wants a pale weak imitation. They want the best amazing version of you. You need to bring your authenticity and genuine amazingness to this world. You do that by taking the first step for maybe the first time in your life: sitting down and identifying your big idea, actually identifying your big idea. Not a big idea, not a possible idea, a big idea that is tailored to you and your genius, to your uniqueness. And that is the critical first step that, frankly, most people die in this world without ever knowing.”

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