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How to Market Yourself as the Best Candidate

By | Sierra Powell

Whether you’re seeking a promotion or getting hired, it can be challenging to distinguish yourself from the other applicants. If you don’t market yourself, it will be hard to get noticed despite your qualifications and ambition.

The real kicker is that there are numerous ways to market yourself as the best candidate.

1. Create A Resume That Stands Out

Your resume must be attractive; simple black writing on a plain white background will not suffice. Use colors to create a visually appealing design. Examine other people’s resumes for ideas. You don’t need to be a visual artist—numerous helpful templates are available online. Nonetheless, if you have artistic skills or know someone who does, capitalize on that.

Give your resume’s text a sense of action and specificity. If you are applying for a marketing position, instead of stating that you are “experienced in sales and marketing,” state that you “sold more than X in X days.” Limit your resume to one page and include the most pertinent information for the position you seek.

2. Establish Your Brand Using Social Media

Employers will likely investigate your digital media presence, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. Take advantage of this by using your accounts to highlight your experience and previous positions. Include your profile name or link on your resume or application to direct prospective employers to your online profiles.

Using online platforms can also present you with new opportunities. For instance, LinkedIn facilitates networking. You can network with recruiters and view new job postings for positions that interest you.

3. Be Familiar with The Organization and The Position You’re Applying

Make sure to do a thorough investigation. Before applying, learn about the firm, how it operates, and how the position you’re applying for fits the overall strategy. Speak with a company connection; if you have one, and get an inside scoop.

Knowing what the company wants and its existing problems can help you tailor your resume and personal statement. It can also help you mentally prepare what you’ll say during the interview. Using the Meisner technique, you can create a backstory and try to get into character (what you’d want to portray to the interviewers) before the interview day.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. The more you understand the organization and the position you’re applying for, the stronger your case will be. The same is true if you unearth anything questionable when researching and decide to steer clear of the company altogether.

4. Compile a List of Certifications

Do you have any special training or certificates for courses you’ve completed in your field? Include these on your cv, particularly if they are relevant to the role you’re applying for. Emphasizing your experience can help you pitch yourself for the position.

Now is a perfect moment to start if you don’t have any formal training or qualifications. Numerous free and paid online programs are available to help you expand your knowledge and showcase your abilities. Including these on your CV gives it more depth and demonstrates your interest in self-improvement and progress.

5. Participate in Community Service

If you currently or formerly volunteered in your community, you should mention this info on your cv. Volunteering, like training and awards, lends a sense to your resume and demonstrates that you care about others. Employers prefer compassionate employees, and volunteering demonstrates that you are concerned about your effect on the world.

6. Establish Relationships with Employees and Recruiters

A major factor in landing a position with a company of interest in your network. If you know anybody at the company, request a referral from them. Even if they don’t operate in the same industry, having their name on your resume can increase its visibility.

And if you lack a connection at the organization, try connecting with a recruiter. While you could always use LinkedIn for that, if the organization participates or holds career events, try attending them to network. However, many such events are designed for college students seeking internships. Therefore, if you are past this stage, focus on networking at seminars and other business events.

Remember the Important Key Points

Preparing for a job interview can be overwhelming, especially if you’re an amateur. However, if you remember this article’s key points, including doing your research, designing a colorful resume, participating in community service, and leveraging social media, you can successfully market yourself as the best candidate.


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