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How to Master the Art of Decision Making

Source | LinkedIn | David Wiseman

When you were a kid, your parents made decisions for you

 You’re Not Allowed to Watch that TV Show

You’re Not Allowed to See that Movie

You’re Not Allowed to Stay Up that Late

You’re Not Allowed to Go to that Concert


Because I said so. 

Parents who said this were making the point that they didn’t have to provide a reason, but it’s bad parenting. 

People in the office may not like to hear this either, but the logic is the same – leaders lead and make decisions. For the most part, an office isn’t a democracy. Forget about one person, one vote – for many decisions it’s many people, zero votes. 

Decision making in a company, especially a large one, is incredibly complex and delicate. 

So many different types of decisions are made every day. You’re going to be involved in some and not involved in many. This is determined by your role and the size of the business.  

There are decisions that have nothing to do with you, there are decisions that involve everyone, there are decisions that impact you that you have no input into, there are decisions that determine the future of the company and there are decisions that are trivial.

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