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How to measure employee engagement in the right way

Source | LinkedIn | Sagar Chaudhuri | Founder at HiFives HR Tech Platform | Digital Marketing Evangelist

For several years now, organizations have been focusing on improving employee engagement through various initiatives and strategies. Even though such initiatives entail an investment of time and effort by both HR executives and the management, they can positively impact the performance, productivity and retention rates of the organization over time. However, many times organizations fail to get the desired results even with the most carefully crafted employee engagement strategies. This might be because while most organizations pay much attention to developing the most effective engagement strategies, they generally do very little to actually measure the results of these strategies and take corrective action. Such organizations fail to understand the fact that measuring engagement in the right manner is as important as developing and implementing engagement strategies themselves.

Why measuring employee engagement is important?

The primary objective of every engagement strategy is to create a work culture and environment where the employees feel naturally motivated to involve themselves completely for ensuring organizational success. Measuring employee engagement helps organizations understand whether or not their strategies are actually working. It also helps the managers to gain a better understanding of their employee requirements, helps them develop a more engaged and productive attitude towards work and create a positive business impact. However, measuring engagement is not quite as easy as it may seem, which is one of the key reasons that make organizations feel challenged in designing the process.

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