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How to Motivate and Inspire Employees

Motivating your team can be more art than science, but here are my simple techniques that will increase your chances of finding the right fuel.

Leaders must understand that in today’s new workplace, there does not exist a single recipe to encourage employees to perform better. Rather, it’s about how to maximize the ingredients to create hundreds of recipes that are customized and authentic; that provide long-term continuity and impact. To get you started, this video will teach you how to inspire teams to optimally perform.

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  1. Hope you're doing well Brian! Your tips and lessons have really impacted my life. I've read your book over 10 years ago and still listening to you to this day. My favorite personal development book has been "Maximum Achievement" and your tips on productivity have been very helpful for me and my own business. I hope you are doing well and thank you for all you have done. Greatly appreciate you, your dedication, and your work. You are a true inspiration to me. Thank you!

  2. Brian reminds me of Hugh Downs in the way they both keep their heads tilted ever so slightly down, yet they look up at the camera. His hand gestures are a little mechanical. Great content though.

  3. Hello Brian,
    Your video is very good and your message is clear and easy to understand/implement.
    I know that this videos are for beginers (more or less) and movement of your hands is necesary but if you have the time to rewatch the video you will notice 1/3 of them are totaly unnecesary 🙂
    I am not trying to be picky, I am very gratefull for your videos and I was just thinking about giveing some back too.
    Thank you for all your videos, they are fantastic!

  4. Thank you Brian, I think it is great that you share your hard earned knowledge with us (I really like how you address the camera and your speaking style as well). Thanks for giving back!

  5. For the class that has to write a 2 page paper on what you learn in this….. here are all the points that matter
    • X factor (physiological factor)
    o Determines performance/productivity
    o Revolution in management
    o Explains why companies aren’t always able to tap their natural energy or enthusiasm
    o Explains why some company’s make it when others don’t
    o Why the top 20% of companies in any industry make 80% of the profit
    o Why the most talented people are drawn to the best company

    • The best managers have learned how to bring out the best of their employees by learning what motivates them
    • Successful companies are ones that make employees feel successful
    • Self-concept
    o All improvements need to start here
    o How they feel about themselves
    o Made up of 3 things
     Self-ideal: summary of what they want to be in life (goals, dreams and ideas) this drives them to be better. Senior people are role models for them
     Self-image: how one thinks they are viewed. When they are treated well, they think of themselves in a positive way. Also how they see themselves. Good feedback from boss makes them see themselves better.
     Self-esteem: how much you like yourself. The more they like themselves, the better they work, the better they treat others
    • For best organizations
    o Take away the fears of failure and rejection
    • Individuals have 2 basic needs
    o Autonomy need: need to be seen as an individual and recognized for their own achievements
    o Dependency need: the need to feel a part of a team.
    • Good organizations make individuals cater to both needs
    • Nothing will happen unless one takes action

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