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How to Nail Your Digital Interview (and Actually Get to Meet the Hiring Manager in Person)

By | Alyse Kalish |

I have a friend who’s applied to 60 jobs in three months. While that’s a crazy amount of applications, cover letters, and time spent job searching, she basically became a pro at interviewing after the 12th one.

So, when I spoke to her one day to ask her, yet again, how one went, I was surprised when she said “Horrible! I ran out of time and blew it!” Turns out she’d had a digital interview, and after she talked about herself for one minute, the video cut her off. Just like that—question over. No take-backs.

Digital interviews—in which you’re given a set list of questions and record your answers on camera—are increasingly common in the hiring world, especially for first-round or screening interviews. But how do you even begin to prepare for one of these? How do you make the ultimate impression when you have to stare at not an interviewer, but yourself, on a screen? Read on, and I’ll explain everything you need to know about getting through this kind of process with flying colors.

What Is a Digital Interview Like?

You’ll have a minute or two to read and contemplate a question, then another couple minutes to answer it while a camera records you.

Typically, a company will give you a time frame (something between two days and a week) to complete it on your own. During the interview, some organizations provide one redo if you mess up, others unlimited tries, depending on who it is.

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