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How to Onboard Your Employees With Ease

By | Regina Thomas

Hiring new employees is a wonderful milestone for your company and the people you hire. Once you notify those persons of their new jobs, the onboarding process begins. You’ll want to do everything you can to make the onboarding process delightfully smooth. It should be a process that is almost effortless for you and hassle-free for your new workers. The following are some tips on how you can make the onboarding process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

1. Reward Your New Hires for Joining You

One way to onboard your new hires with ease is to create a sense of mutual trust and appreciation between you and them. You can do that by offering the new hires a reward for joining your team. For some reason, these persons made it past all the other applicants, and you chose them. Rewarding them will show them how special they are and how much you appreciate having their skills at your establishment. The reward can be something small such as a book of coupons or a t-shirt.

Alternatively, it can be something bigger like a new notebook or laptop. The reward will make those individuals even happier about starting with your company because they will know that it stands out from other businesses. They will know that your company hires human beings who mean something and not just numbers that fill a quota.

2. Reach out to the Employees Before Orientation

You’ll want to reach out to the new hires before the orientation date. You should have a representative make a personal call to each new person and welcome each person to the team. Give the new hires the opportunity to ask any questions that they might be wondering about before orientation.

Take the time to explain more about the company and their specific job roles in the company. Doing this will most likely eliminate pre-orientation anxiety and jitters from not knowing what to expect. It will give the new workers the feeling that they have trustworthy leaders they can go to when they need help, as well.

3. Use Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding software can be your best friend when it comes to making the process effortless. Such software can handle a lot of the tasks that would normally fall on human resources personnel or managers. The software can conduct tasks such as collecting personal information and assigning employees to work. It can also guide employees through the new-hire paperwork completion process.

Things like I9 forms, drug screening appointments and direct deposit rules can easily be completed by the employee using this advanced technology. Investing in technology might be the smartest decision your company has ever made.

4. Introduce New Hires to New Teammates Early

introducing the new hires to their teammates or managers before their official start day of work is a great way to break the ice and make the entire onboarding process easy, as well. You can do this as a separate casual event or reserve a portion of orientation to do it.

The new hires will thank you for allowing them to ease into the job instead of jumping in headfirst and becoming unnerved.

5. Make Orientation Fun

Finally, you can make orientation fun so that the rest of the process can go smoothly. New hires have been burdened with boring orientation sessions and paperwork mounds for years. It’s time to give them something that they will enjoy and remember for a lifetime. It’s up to you to decide how to make that happen.

We suggest having friendly games and competitions during the orientation and giving prizes to the game-winners. For example, you can play a video about the company’s history and then quiz the employees with a similar game to the Hollywood Squares TV show. Make the event seem as though it’s a party. This will create a relaxed environment that all of your new workers will appreciate.

Remove Onboarding Burdens Now

Take heed to the tips mentioned above to make the onboarding process less laborious for all involved. As you move forward, you will find additional ways to make your process less taxing. The end result will be happy new employees and a business that flourishes.

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