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How to realize value at speed and scale from your data platform

By | Anshul Sheopuri | Vice President & CTO, Data & AI

Lessons from “People” data that became a powerful showcase for digital transformation at IBM

Anshul Sheopuri, VP & CTO, Data and AI, HR. IBM Distinguished Engineer.

Tim Humphrey, VP, Chief Data Office

Are you spending hours reconciling data definitions or metrics for business operations? Does it take you days to generate insights across your products, financials, client and workforce data? Do security and privacy concerns make that job even more difficult?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone. A recent study cited that 30 percent of total enterprise time is spent on non-value-added tasks because of poor data quality and availability. A growing number and complexity of privacy regulations complicate these challenges even more. At IBM, we’ve launched an enterprise-wide effort to accelerate digital transformation of our “People” data across the enterprise.  We call it Workforce 360.

Our goal was to solve business problems using data across multiple sources with speed, accuracy, security, and cost-effectiveness.

We built Workforce360 as part of our unified data & AI platform that is the central source of governed data and serves as a data hub.  IBM’s internal platform provides connection across four data pillars: workforce, offerings, finance, and client to seamlessly enables business-driving insights and intelligent workflows at speed and scale. In its first 18 months, the platform generated a 10x ROI from data and AI-based transformation initiatives. 

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