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How To Receive Critical Feedback

By | David Klaasen | Helping You Create Clarity, Inspire Your People & Drive Performance | Retain your best people | Changing Management Mindsets and Behaviour | Practical Behaviour Analytics

Today, I’d like to talk about something that will occur at some stage in everyone’s career,  in everyone’s working life. And it’s about ‘How to  Receive Critical Feedback’, and there’s a number of things that you can do in order to make it a more productive and effective experience. 

‘Don’t take it personally’

Rather than some that you use something that you use to beat yourself up. So, the first thing is ‘Don’t take it personally’. It’s not about you as a person. It’s not about who you are in the world. It’s just about your behaviour in a very specific set of circumstances.

‘Listen and Acknowledge’

And, it’s important to ‘Listen and Acknowledge’ the person who’s giving you the feedback. Because if they feel that you’re not listening or that you’re not acknowledging they’re going to get really even more upset with you. So, the whole idea is to be able to go“Yeah, I hear what you’re saying and I acknowledge what you’re saying”. And, you know thank them for the feedback. Even if it’s uncomfortable right, thank them, because at least, they care enough about you to give you the feedback.

‘Ask for Clarification’

And, if there is anything that’s unclear, ‘Ask for Clarification’. Ask for some more details, some specifics. So, you really understand the specific behaviour of what you said or the action that you took and the impact it had. So, that you know much more specific about what it is that you need to change and need to improve.

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