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How to refresh your brain when you feel your concentration slipping

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Struggling to stay focused while working from home? Give your brain a chance to refresh with these simple tips.

Whether yours hits mid-morning, late afternoon or somewhere in between, we all have that moment during the working day when our concentration begins to slip.

This loss of focus can be frustrating – especially when you’re in the middle of something pressing – but it’s an important reminder that your brain needs a break.

Giving your brain a break from concentration is crucial for a number of reasons. Not only does it allow your brain to ‘refuel’ in order to tackle the rest of the day, but it can help to reduce stress and gives your brain a chance to process the information it’s received throughout the day. 

“We know that if we don’t fuel our bodies, they don’t work optimally, and we will end up feeling more tired and drained because we don’t have enough calories to keep us going,” Beverley Blackman, a counselling directory member and psychotherapist, previously told Stylist

“The mind doesn’t need ‘fuel’ in quite the same way – instead, the mind needs a break from concentration in order to regenerate and allow it to relax.” 

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