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How To Ruin A Job Interview In Under Five Minutes

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan 

Setting: A sunny office, mid-afternoon. COCO the cat is sleeping on a pillow. LIZ is drawing at the conference table. The phone rings. 


LIZ (pressing the button to operate the speaker): Liz Ryan! Is this Denise?

DENISE (on the phone): Yes! Hi, Liz – it’s nice to meet you!

LIZ: Nice to meet you, too!

DENISE: Thanks for making time to speak with me about my story.

LIZ: No problem!

DENISE: My editor assigned me this story. It’s a piece about interviewing mistakes — how to ruin a job interview through lack of preparation, and that kind of thing.

LIZ: Great. Do you have questions for me?

DENISE: Well, what is the number one thing that causes job interviews to fall apart?

LIZ: It’s what you said — lack of preparation. Not taking the process seriously enough, and not giving it enough thought. Dialing it in, you might say.

DENISE: And with all the articles that have been written on this topic, why do you think that people still make the same interviewing mistakes?

LIZ: It’s hard to blame them. Where would they go to be trained in good interviewing technique? It’s not like they learn it in school.

DENISE: That’s a good point. So how can people get better at interviewing?

LIZ: One way is to really think through the job opening. Think about what’s important in the job — not just the standard interview questions and standard answers.

DENISE: Does Human Workplace teach people how to think through the job opening and prepare for a job interview?

LIZ: For sure!

DENISE: So, how would you advise a client to begin their preparation?

LIZ: Well, you’ve got  job ad, right? You’ve got a job opening and a hiring manager who went to great trouble to get that job opening approved.

Chief Financial Officers and other financial people are not in a rush to approve new job openings. There has to be  big pain or they would wait and fill the job later, or never fill it.

DENISE: So you have to think about what that pain might be?

LIZ: Unless you work for the company, and then you can just ask the department manager.

DENISE: Wait a second — you said “Unless you work for the company.” If someone’s looking for a job, they’re not already working there — how could they ask the manager?

LIZ: What audience are you writing the story for? I thought we were talking about the interviewer.

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