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How to Scale Employee Experience

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As I wrote in my 10 Predictions for HR in 2020 article, Employee Experience (EX) is the most talked about topic in HR right now. Indeed, EX provides the opportunity to redefine HR as a people success function in the new decade. As three excellent recent studies from TI People, Willis Towers Watson and Kennedy Fitch all revealed in the run-up to Christmas, companies with strong EX enjoy better business outcomes and outperform the market.

“Employee Experience is pretty much the biggest topic in HR and is set to get even bigger in 2020”

The TI People study is appropriately titled On the Launchpad as whilst the vast majority of large companies have embraced the idea of EX as a key driver of engagement and productivity, only some have defined a consistent EX strategy and even fewer are implementing it.

As such and to kick off the Digital HR Leaders Podcast in 2020, the team at myHRfuture thought we’d start with a special episode on How to Scale Employee Experience. Our guest, Volker Jacobs, is the Co-Founder and CEO of TI People and is one of the world’s leading authorities on EX having worked in this space for three and a half years during which time TI People have worked with several global companies to develop, implement and scale EX programs. Volker is also the lead author of the aforementioned TI People State of Employee Experience research.

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