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How to Separate the Champs From the Chumps in the Hiring Process

Ask candidates these 8 essential questions to ensure you find the best fit for the job

By | Rafe Gomez |

When recruiting new talent for open roles at their companies, most HR managers rely on a standard set of tools to ascertain the desirability of prospective hires.

They pay attention to the college that a prospect attended, assuming that the school’s level of prestige correlates with the candidate’s intelligence; the names of past employers, believing tenures at top-tier firms to be the most impressive; and responses to conventional interview queries: “What are your greatest weaknesses?” “What’s your five-year career plan?” “Tell me about yourself.”

The problem with this unimaginative approach is that it doesn’t offer any indication of a candidate’s ingenuity, his or her understanding of the terrain in which your firm operates, or the ways in which he or she can potentially achieve valuable results. What it does offer are opportunities for slick and savvy applicants who are well-studied in the hiring game to present themselves as capable when, in reality, they can’t actually deliver. 

The right questions inspire a dialogue that predicts measurable results

To unearth energetic, resourceful and truly expert prospects, it isn’t necessary for them to serve up dozens of referrals or submit multi-page resumes. Instead, you must present them with a brief set of challenging and incisive questions in their in-person or remote interviews. Their answers will inspire a dialogue that indicates whether or not they have the chops to produce the measurable business benefits that your organization seeks.

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