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How to Shift to a Consumer Mindset to Modernize Your Workforce

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In the future, organizations will be responding to new or increasing workforce pressures such as a diversifying workforce, rise in contingent labor, intelligent automation in the workplace and a shift to a consumer mindset. In response, leaders must shift their mindset from a focus on process to a focus on talent, which in itself has changed drastically.

What we’re seeing with the talent market in general, and what our clients are therefore asking for in particular, is a real shift toward a consumerism model for talent. So organizations are starting to treat their employees and their prospective employees the same way that they’re looking at their customers and their prospective customers. They want to understand all the aspects of what would make them engaged in their organization. They want to understand all the things that would drive them to want to work for their organization.

And they’re using a lot of the same techniques that a lot of chief marketing officers and sort of digital natives are using around bringing an experience to an employee or to a potential recruit that feels very tailored and curated for them. So we’re really seeing a shift from offering employment to offering experience and offering a purpose and a purpose-oriented career from offering sort of employment that’s tied to salary and benefits and some of the more traditional ways of thinking about the employee/employer relationship.

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