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How to Show Leadership on Your Resume

6 Ways to Showcase Leadership Skills in Resume

By | Nathan William

Leadership is nothing but a state of mind. If you believe in your own self and agree to change the world for the better by leading your thick and thin, you are already halfway through. Prof. Robin Thomson of says, “At job front, being a leader might sound challenging, but isn’t rocket science either. Especially when it comes to showcasing leadership qualities in resumes, candidates tend to wonder how to come up with the perfect validation and declaration of their individual leadership qualities.”  We all would agree to it, don’t we?

Now that you too are on the same page, wondering how to show leadership skills in resume, simply take some time to read this blog. It shall guide you through the hurdle and help you to produce the perfectly flawless resume at the end of the day.

Happy reading!

  1. Provide strong examples

There is a saying called, “Leading by example”. It can’t be more accurate in this context of the discussion. If you wish to highlight or talk about leadership in resumes in the right manner, then you should come up with proper examples in support of your claims.

Here are some ideas for you to consider in this matter.

  •   Highlight instances helped you overcome certain challenges that were apparently tougher for your colleagues to resolve or overcome.  
  • Talk about situations that made your stronger and filled your mind with wisdom and insights in their truest senses.
  • Do not overdo stuff in the form of exaggerating or elaborating on the instances way too much.
  1. Be honest and transparent

Serene Jones, program coordinator at says, “A true leader is always honest and transparent in his/her approach. So, you cannot afford to be an exception while going about resumes.”  If we are to consider this notion, then you have to be absolutely honest and transparent in every approach you would take in the resume or the expertise you would highlight throughout the document.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  •   Talk about the specific skills you have honed in the past, instead of bragging much about the things you aspire to do in the near future.
  • Remember, everyone wants to look at facts and figures instead of blindly relying on your potential.
  •  So, come up with proper references and a thorough elaboration of the proficiencies you would talk about.
  •   It would be much better if you can manage to attach scanned copies of your achievements, professional certifications and the likes.

But, above all, you need to focus on the aspect of putting across each and everything in their truest form instead of sugar-coating or overly modifying the actual scenario.

  1. Demonstrate your “passion” for the job

This is again one important pointer to be acknowledged if you wish to highlight leadership skills in resumes in a way it is supposed to be. Every recruiting manager under the sun wants to realize and gauge their candidate’s passion for the job.

John Wills, an associate says, “A true leader will always be passionate and focused on the job he/she does. Unless the person is focused and choose carry out his/her responsibilities professionally, he/she can’t be tagged as a true leader at the end of the day.” We cannot agree more to this notion.

So, here’s how you can showcase your real passion for the job in your resume.

  • Talk about how things started and what particular event or person inspired to sign up for the job you are currently pursuing.
  • Explain why you think that you are meant for this job and the fact that no one else can ever replace your position.
  • Remember, you need to sound absolutely confident as you would try to demonstrate your passion or inclination towards the particular profession.
  •  Also, try to stay rationally correct while highlighting your leadership instances in resume.

The idea is quite simple. If you think you have leadership qualities in you, then prove it in your resume and bag your dream job down the road.

  1. Quantify your perspectives

It is crucial that you quantify your claims and stick to the point, instead of stating things uselessly, without proper evidence or strong, believable grounds.  Take note of the following suggestions and stand strong on your grounds, all across the resume.

  • Avoid coming up with vague descriptions or explanations of your past, professional achievements.
  • Do not mention anything that fails to relate to your industry niche. Always be specific with the message you want to send across or the point you wish to prove.
  • Simply focus on concise writing, use power words and keep your resume updated in accordance with the latest industry trends.
  1. Focus on, and include leadership jargons

As mentioned in the pointer above, the use of power words, accurate phrases and relevant leadership jargons throughout the resume. This will simply add up to the overall gravity and accuracy parameter of the resume.

Take note of the following words and jargons and use the same in your CV.

  • Deep dive
  •  Boiling the ocean
  •  Circling back
  • Pick your brain
  • Taking things offline
  • Move the needle

So, make it a point to keep track of more of such key leadership jargons, industry phrases and words to include in the resume.

  1. Proofread your resume before submission

Jeffry Rogers of is of the opinion, “Proofreading plays a significant role when it comes to working on resumes that would essentially talk about your leadership qualities.” Truly said, you cannot afford to commit even the slightest mistakes while composing the CV. Otherwise; you will simply not be entertained by the hiring managers on the grounds of ethical transparency and the likes.

So, take note of the following proofreading suggestions and produce technically flawless resumes every single time.

  • See whether each of the statements, declaration and every other pointer included in the resume is in sync with your industry preferences and professional aspirations.
  • Keep an eye for grammatical mistakes that might pop up in the form of wrong choice of adjectives, subject-verb disagreements, tense errors and the likes.
  • Harness the potential of advanced grammar checkers in order to weed out all critical flaws in the resume with absolute precision.
  • Lastly, read through the resume thoroughly and cross-check whether each of the details and every other relevant industry information included in the document is valid.

To End With,

Now that you are aware of the essentialities associated with the task of showcasing leadership values in resumes, re-evaluate this blog closely. Simply be confident with your approach, include each declaration with clarity and nail your next interview like a true leader.


Author Bio:

Nathan William is an experienced resume builder and academic writer, currently associated with the digital platform Also, he is a travel blogger and career counselor, coming all the way from Chicago, the United States.

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