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How to stay mentally clear as an entrepreneur in 2020

By | Adrian

The post-pandemic economy

As our new age unfolds, so have businesses faced a tremendous challenge in the post-COVID market. In essence, businesses have either had to move their operations online, or face bankruptcy. Many had no choice, but the ones that did have managed to keep their heads afloat and slowly recover. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many business owners who see themselves in the situation of starting over with a new business. For many entrepreneurs, the incubation period has already begun. Others are swamped in the growing amount of misfortunes. Everyone faces a challenge, whether failing or not. The work that we put in now will reverberate a few years later. The strong will be set apart from the weak in Darwin’s own fashion of natural selection.

Entrepreneurs need to use adversity to come out better than before. They need to find on-the-spot solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis. You may have been affected in one part of your business, but you can try your best to find other channels that haven’t been exploited. While you cannot fix the problem, you can come with a different solution and leave the problem aside.

Finding inspiration when faced with adversity

We need inspiration in our lives to find creative ways to grow our businesses. Knowledge is power and the newer it is, the better off you will be in the long run. Daily work that you put in your business, be it new or old, will compound over time. Supplements can help give you that extra boost to your mental and physical health. Nootropics such as Armodafinil are safe alternatives to Adderall, by far the most abused stimulant in the USA. Studies have shown that Modafinil and Armodafinil are just as effective as the latter, with significantly fewer side effects. Armodafinil is a purified version of Modafinil that produces a cleaner effect with a more gentle body load due to lower effort needed by the liver to assimilate it.

Exercise and proper nutrition should be, of course, on top of your list. Remember that the mind is at its best when fasting, which is another habit that can boost mental clarity. Some people apply the 8-16 rule in which they eat for eight hours a day and only drink water the rest of the day.

Be mindful of your possibilities, as well as your limits

On the other hand, you must not overdo anything. While long hours spent working are beneficial, there’s only so much you can get done in a day. When you feel yourself being unproductive, simply step back, take a break and relax your mind. Entertain yourself and indulge in any hobby that brings you peace.

Maintaining balance is crucial during these stressful times. The year 2020 is a year of changes, and you must ride the storm as lucid as possible.

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