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How to Step up Your Corporate Events

By | Regina Thomas

Corporate events are a great way to launch a new product, commemorate a company’s success, or celebrate a special occasion. Not only will these events bond your team, but they will also serve to create memories and increase employee satisfaction. Here are five ways that you can step up your corporate event so that everyone has a great time.

Provide a Fun Takeaway Gift

The attendees of the event will be more likely to remember the day if you provide them with a takeaway gift as a memento. If your budget allows, you can consider providing an entire goodie bag filled with both practical and fun items.

Instead of a traditional bag, elevate the corporate gifts by using an unconventional cinch sack or a branded backpack. Practical items to fill the bag with include water bottles with your company logo, portable power banks, and reusable straws. For something whimsical, consider an inflatable hammock or eye masks.

Focus on the Entertainment

All of the amazing food, drinks, and decorations will not mean a thing if the event is boring. In order to pull off a fantastic corporate gathering, you need to ensure that your attendees are having fun with a variety of entertainment options.

Be sure to look into the various entertainment rentals that may be available for your event. If you have a specific theme for your event, it will be easy to customize the rental options to fit your needs. For example, for a sports-themed event, you can rent basketball shooting machines, putt greens, and air hockey tables. For an 80s party, you may want to consider renting a variety of retro arcade games to keep your attendees entertained.

Hire a Photographer

You are going to want to remember all of the fun that was had at your corporate event. Hiring a photographer will take the burden off of your staff to capture the memories of your event. Elevate this idea even further by also hiring a videographer to create a comprehensive video of the time that everyone spent together.

You can add to the fun by creating a photo booth. Having a myriad of props on hand will encourage your attendees to get creative with their pictures. The attendees will have loads of fun flipping through the pictures and choosing their favorites after the event is over.

Encourage Mingling

One of the purposes of a corporate event is to provide an opportunity for your employees to get together outside of the normal confines of the office. This interaction can be instrumental in building team bonds and boosting employee satisfaction. In order to use your corporate event as a way to bring the team together, you need to structure the time in ways that encourage mingling.

You can achieve this goal by planing the food and drink options so that people are not stationary while they eat. For example, instead of going with a traditional sit-down meal, consider setting up various food and drink stations throughout the venue so that the attendees are constantly moving around and interacting with new people.

It is also easy to support mingling through the use of your entertainment options. Making the event a type of competition will build your teamwork efforts and allow employees to meet people outside of their normal circle in the office.

Focus the Budget on the Biggest Impact Areas

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you are going to need to make some tough decisions with how you allocate the funding for the event. Before you make any big-budget decisions, you need to consider the personality and tastes of your attendees. This will help you to direct the funding into the highest impact areas.

For example, if your business is in the food industry, your attendees will likely have more discriminating culinary tastes. For this reason, you may want to funnel more of the money toward the catering options. If your staff is a high-energy and youthful group, you will want to make sure that you set aside adequate amounts of money for entertainment and activities.

You do not have to settle for a ho-hum corporate event. By employing these five tips, you will step up your event game so that everyone leaves happy and inspired to work harder.

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