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How To Stop Being Used

Source | LinkeIn : By Robin Sharma

I went mountain biking for the first time this year (the snow finally melted) so I’m in an uber-great mood as I write you this message 🙂 

If you’ve been following my work for a while, whether on Facebook [we’re almost 3 million people strong on my page], Instagram [coolest platform on the planet] or via my books or perhaps going x100 higher into a life that makes history by attending my flagship annual event The Titan Summit [we’re in Zurich this year and the lineup will blow your mind], you know that the one who serves the best wins. 

I’ve been evangelizing standing for a cause larger than yourself, leadership through radical helpfulness and constructing a life of ridiculous impact for 20+ years. Yes, I started in this field when I was 2 😉 

And though I see beautiful change in the world as more people in business embrace the ideal of monomaniacal value creation and a career built on authentic contribution [business used to be only about money versus craft, community and acute service to humanity], some still feel that if they give a lot, they’ll lose too much. 

And so I’ve created a Mastery Session called How to Stop Being Used. 

It’s pretty short but pretty valuable for you as a Leader Without a Title, A-Player and world-lifter.

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