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By | Steve Gutzler |

I sat alone in my car with my head in my hands, wondering how I ended up unemployed at age 36.

Truth be told, I felt like a loser.
Truth be told, failure is a real part of life.

How I eventually handled those depressing 4 months became the foundation stones of my future success.

  • It led me to discover my life purpose: “To inspire others to reach their highest potential and unveil their own purpose.”
  • It led me to write my 5 core values: faith, family-first, hard work, leadership, and having fun.
  • It became the catalyst to start my company, Steve Gutzler and Leadership Quest.
  • It sparked a vision in my mind’s eye that I can change lives and organizations by unlocking their leadership potential of greater influence, impact, and inspiration.

Here are 3 Ways to Break the Cycle of a Loser Mindset:

1. Stop believing everything you think.
I’m convinced the battlefield of our future self is in the mind and to win, we have to feed our minds with positive and healthy messaging. The mind is a fascinating organ that can be fed with nutrients– both physically and mentally.

Select one book that will feed your mind with mental nutrients.
My personal favorites: 
Winning the War in your Mind by Craig Groeschel

Thinking for a Change by John Maxwell

2. Identify what success looks like to you.

“Success is the feeling I get when I live out my values.”

I started creating a vision board that included the following:

  • World-class clients
  • Health priorities of the corporate athlete
  • Financial goals including investments and giving back
  • Family milestones and memories
  • Traveling the world

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