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How to Stop Preparing and Start Doing

By | HELEN |

Are you a chronic over-preparer?

I am. Really, I used to be—but I say “I am” because, as with any addictive behavior, recovery from that persistent feeling of needing to do more is a slow and lifelong process. We don’t decide just once to quit over-preparing; we decide day after day, with each and every presentation, product launch, coaching conversation, and article submission.

We decide every single time we have the opportunity to over-prepare. Which means every single time we feel the temptation to return to the familiar. Tweaking the font for the hundredth time before we’ll allow the webpage to go live. Rehearsing and rehashing the stack of index cards on which our talk is written. Researching just a bit more before we’ll launch that creation of ours that we already know will help people greatly.

Instead of continuing to coddle ourselves with all the non-threatening, non-exposing, low-risk tasks of preparation, we decide enough is enough. This—this thing we’ve created—is enough. We are enough.

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