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How to Stop Sunday From Turning Into Your New Monday

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Some say a bit of work over the weekend is fine. But what happens when that bit of work becomes several hours?

Sunday used to be for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, or catching up on personal tasks. Now, I talk to more and more entrepreneurs who say they don’t use the weekend to rest nearly as much as they once did. Maybe it’s because technology, and even some popular online advice, encourages people to stay available for work even outside traditional business hours.

2017 survey from Enterprise Holdings found that nearly seven in 10 Americans put in a full workday (the equivalent of nine hours) on at least one weekend a month. The same survey also noted that two-thirds of respondents felt their employers expected them to work over the weekend. Also, 61 percent said they struggled to not think about work over the weekend. Of these, two-thirds also admitted they checked and answered work-related emails on a typical weekend.

To that I say, put Sunday– and work– in its proper place.

For the sake of our health and our sanity, we should stop or at least work to minimize “Sunday work creep” and put it back to Monday through Friday where it belongs. You should work to regain this balance, even if you’re in the middle of building a startup or are a freelancer facing inconsistent income.

Here are some ways to win back your Sunday from people (including yourself) who are trying to use this day of rest as an extra day of work:

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