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How To Succeed At Work When Your Teammates Hate You

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I need your help! I’ve had the job for eight months but I was assigned to our main office, 90 miles away, for the first four months.

I was training under a woman in that office. I got back to my home office four months ago and it’s been very difficult for me since then.

My co-workers are overtly hostile to me and I have the feeling they hated me even before they met me for the first time.

I had a great time in training. The woman who trained me, “Maggie,” is a beautiful person. She is smart and creative.

When I got to my home office after training and started to do my job, it was very tense right away. My teammates all have strong opinions about how I should do my job. They would love for me to be their clerical person, but that’s not what I was hired to do.

I am 26. My teammates range in age from their early 20s to mid-30s. For some reason they are extremely sensitive about my job and the person in it.

They loved the person who had this job before me but she was fired. Maggie told me confidentially that the woman who was fired was basically an administrative assistant to my co-workers, who (along with me and our boss) make up our Sales and Marketing team.

The woman who got fired didn’t understand her “real” job (sales administration, HRIS and compensation planning), so she didn’t do it. That’s why they hired me. I have been involved with sales administration, HRIS and comp for two years.

I like the actual work in my job and I like my boss. I really like my mentor and trainer Maggie, but my co-workers can’t stand me. They have been cold to me since the minute I got here.

They are petty. They go to lunch and don’t invite me. They make comments about me. That’s fine. I can eat in the break room or sit outside if the weather is nice.

They have tried getting me to do their administrative work and I say I can’t do it, I have my work cut out for me as it is.

My boss is happy I’m here. Maggie says the HQ people are happy. I don’t want to complain to my boss that I am getting the cold shoulder from my teammates, but it’s true.

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