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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

By Siddharth Rajsekar


Want to know how to succeed in business without really trying too hard?


I’ve actually distilled it down to top 10 things I learnt from millionaire entrepreneurs who actually to less and achieve more every single day, and I wanted to share them with you now, if you read on.


How We’ve All Started Businesses


Getting into business can be exciting at first.


Especially when you start with an idea, and then you begin expanding on that idea to build products, teams and everything else that a startup would go thru.


If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, then I’m sure you can go back in time and remember all those product launches which you got into this whole scene. The vision of having to be your own boss and work on your own terms just with a laptop and an internet connection.


If you’ve been into traditional businesses, then I’m sure you’ll remember those moments from when you designed your first logo, and then how you went on to build your core teams. Then how you build your products and services over time and keeping the cash flow smooth.


The whole aspect of business building is fascinating!


Get started is one thing but on how to succeed in business without really trying is something else totally.


“Starting a business is easy. Stopping a business idea is even easier. Maintaining and growing your business over a long period of time is the hardest thing. There lies your pot of gold!”


12 Ways On How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

After studying over 10 super successful millionaire entrepreneurs, I’ve distilled down all my learnings into these 12 tips. Hope you find these useful while building your business (online or offline).


1. Just Learning Is Counter-Productive


Our education system has ingrained in us the concept that we have to learn something for many years before we go and start using that knowledge.


In the case of business, it’s counter-productive


I know many personal development junkies who go seminar after seminar but still struggle to meet ends in business and personal life.


I wrote an article earlier about the daily routine of the top leaders in fortune 500 companies.

Take Away: Learning is good, but don’t get into a limbo! :)


2. Imperfect Action Is Better Than Perfectionism


Have you come across entrepreneurs who want to get their logo ‘right’ before they have a business plan?


These are the folks who get stuck in the world of perfectionism.


Is you really want to know how to succeed in business without really trying too hard, it’s all about taking those baby steps and being open to making mistakes.

Take Away: It’s ok to make mistakes in business! Don’t get stuck in perfectionism.


3. Your Habits Define Your Destiny


Imagine you were waking up every day at 10am, but you have this intense desire of getting fit and into shape?

It’s never going to happen.


If you really want a different result in your business and personal life, you must be willing to break those habits which are not serving you.


A good idea would be to do a personal audit of your time spent, and then reprioritize and shift your habitual patterns which do not help your business in any way.

Take Away: Change your habits, change your surroundings, and you’ll see different results.


4. Your Greatest Of IDEAS Mean Nothing Unless…


The word today is not short of revolutionary ideas. You can get a bunch of ideas on how to build your business and take it to the next level.

But very few people go ahead and EXECUTE!


If you want to learn how to succeed in business without really trying too hard, make note of those one or two very simple ideas which can make a big difference to your life and business, and put them on your priority. EXECUTE!

Take Away: Ideas don’t mean shit! Execution is key. Executing even one idea can change your life.


5. Inaction Is The Killer Of Business Growth


Bad things happen in business not because of making the wrong decision, but in not making any decisions.


If you’re the type of business owner who’s keeping things in the back burner for a while and still not brought it to the front, time to reconsider and get the rubber on road.


Inaction can really kill your business!

Take Away: You can learn and grow more in your business by constantly taking action.


6. Making Money From A Business Is Only A By-Product


Did you get into business for just making money?

If YES, then there is a chance that you won’t go too far.


A true business owner or entrepreneur is one who’s main purpose if to solve peoples’ problems.


Start talking to people, understand their needs and look at how your business can solve that problem.

When you get this right, money will automatically start flowing into your bank accounts.


YES, profits are extremely important, but when you get this fundamental piece right, all that money and lifestyle will just be a welcome by-product.

Take Away: You can make way more money by solving peoples’ problems thru a business, then just focusing on increasing sales.


7. Flaunting Your Weaknesses Is Actually A Strength


Not everyone is built the same. We all have our imperfections.


As a business owner, you need to know what you suck at!

For example, I suck at socialising and bonding personally with my teams in my company. I’m built differently.


I’m more a systems and process guy, who can do killer stuff at the backend.

So being open about your weaknesses is actually a strength and can help you build trust much faster.


Take Away: Embrace your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths. This will help you built more trust in your market.


8. There’s Not Right Way In Business. There’s Only A BETTER WAY!


If are the type that believes that your business needs to run only in a particular way, you’re in for some trouble.

From what I’ve learnt, there’s no RIGHT WAY in business.


There’s only a BETTER WAY!

Stop being stuck in being RIGHT!


The right product, the right customer, the right marketing, the right employee.

Get out of this notion and start looking at your business in a completely new way.


Start thinking about how you can make things BETTER. That’s key!

Take Away: Stop thinking about being RIGHT. Start thinking about how you can improvise on the journey.


9. Nothing More Important Than Speed Of Implementation


So you want to learn how to succeed in business without really trying?

If I had to choose one lesson from the 12 on this list, it’s this one.


The moment from when you learn something new to getting it into action totally defines how far you’ll go.

Back in 2006, I learnt WordPress and starting blogging within a week.


Even today, whenever I learn something new by reading other blogs, I try to quickly implement into my business.

YES, I will make mistakes along the way, but that’s taught me more than not even implementing stuff.


Take Away: Have a post-it note on your laptop saying “Speed Of Implementation Is Key!”. This will do more to your business than anything else. 


10. Get To “Version 3” As Soon As You Can


You are never going to get things right in the first attempt in any business.


I’ve learnt from entrepreneurs like Eben Pagan, who’ve moved over $100 million worth of information products online, that getting quickly to “version 3” in any aspect of your business will be the key.


  • Version 3 of your website
  • Version 3 of your sales letter
  • Version 3 of your product design
  • Version 3 of your service offerings
  • Version 3 of your blogging strategy
  • Version 3 of your marketing strategy


If you’re calling your first customer today, don’t worry about the result. Even the second is fine to fail because you’re just getting used to the space. The third one is where you’ll feel like you know what you’re even doing. You get the confidence, and you got to move on.

Take Away: Keep improvising and don’t freeze on any processes unless it’s crossed “Version 3”


11. Analysis Paralysis Is A Success Killer


I love statistics and analytics. But I don’t like getting paralysed into only viewing all that data.


Shoot for GREAT… not for PERFECT!

As I mentioned before, there is no need to get into the perfectionism game.


If you really are keen to know how to succeed in business without really trying, then don’t into analysis paralysis.

Usually when you strive for perfection, you get into analysis paralysis.


Take Away: Getting things 80% right, is good enough. Look at data only to extent that it helps to make key decisions. 

12. Over Communicate With Your Customers


This is more of a ninja marketing trick which many top millionaires use.


Giving more information to your customers than they expect always helps you in closing deals much faster.


That doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your website with loads of text on the pages, but you can start blogging about different aspects and present information in a way that’s easy to consume.


Want to know how to succeed in business without really trying, give them way more information that you think they may need.


Set as many expectations as you want and meet them. Under promise and over deliver.

Take Away: Give more value and over-communicate with your prospects, and they stick with you for life!



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