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How to Successfully Build a Hybrid Workplace

A hybrid workplace model is a combination of remote and in-premise employees. Sounds complex? Read on to find out how you can have the best of both worlds


The future of the workplace has been the talk of the town, though what we are witnessing is a shift in day-to-day operations. Just a year back, working from home was treated as a privilege for employees, primarily in organisations operating in India. Overseas business travel was quite frequent and was considered necessary to derive the desired outcome. An in-person meeting with candidates was required to close an open position. Online learning was always a part of an employee’s upskilling plan; however, more stress was placed on classroom training.

Within a year, the corporate world experienced a paradigm shift and has been adjusting to the new normal ever since. Each one of us has realised that COVID is not going away anytime soon. The show must go on, as they say, but not at the expense of people’s safety and lives. Organisations must focus on an operating model wherein people feel safe and are given flexibility. Earlier, organisations debated the viability of working from home. However, it was the only option available last year. This shift called into question how organisations had been operating for decades. Even the facilities and areas we never imagined could operate through a remote working setup were pushed to adapt. It was a successful transformation in most areas.

The lockdown we see today is pretty different from what we experienced last year, and the world is not at a complete halt. The pandemic has altered the thought process of the workforce and organisations; remote working is no longer a challenge. Employees are more at ease when they are given flexibility and autonomy at work. Organisations, on the other hand, must strike a balance between meeting organisational goals and their employees’ happiness index. As a result, businesses have begun to consider the hybrid workplace model.

A hybrid workplace model is a combination of remote and in-premise employees. Sounds complex? Yes, it’s going to be tricky because the organisations and HR professionals will now have to balance two different sets of the workforce at the same time. However, when managing difficult situations, it is always good to plan wisely. The following are some key points to consider when implementing a hybrid workplace strategy:

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