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<p>Prabhakar Azad, Chief People &amp; Process Officer, Ashwin Sheth Group</p>
Prabhakar Azad, Chief People & Process Officer, Ashwin Sheth Group

Promoting employees’ mental health and wellbeing has evolved from being a nice-to-have to being a crucial element of success. Recent years have seen a rise in the importance of workplace mental health, and studies show that employees prioritize a stress-free atmosphere over higher income. The fast-paced and high-pressure nature of the real estate industry, where transactions, negotiations, and market volatility are the norm, makes it crucial for businesses to place a high priority on their employees’ mental health. Just under one in four (23.6%) people in the real estate industry reported having mental health issues, according to a report in the UK.The real estate industry is increasingly realizing its employees need mental health support. Employees who are suffering from mental illness may feel less supported and are less ready to disclose their challenges to their employers. While firms strive to improve employee engagement and wellness, research indicates that they may be falling short. Employees in India reported significant rates of burnout and distress symptoms, according to a study in 2022. Approximately 38% of employees commonly experienced burnout symptoms. On the other side, 38% of employees reported moderate distress.

Policies and programmes to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace vary. Longer work hours and stress are related to…

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