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How to Switch Jobs Within The Company The Right Way

By | Rakshitha Acharya |

How to Get a New Job Within Your Company

Get all your questions answered on how to switch jobs within your current company in this blog, which is based on an Expert Chat with Yukti Vig Khanna, Bid Manager, Accenture.

Making the decision to change jobs within the company involves the same dedication, research and hard work as looking for a job change outside. In some cases, it actually might require more efforts than what you would have to put in for the latter. 

Switching jobs within the company means that you have to build your profile in the company from scratch again. You will have to work towards proving your worth and professional expertise to the company, again. On the other hand, an advantage in the entire process is that you are showing the company that you are capable of acing both the roles to perfection, and that is a huge highlight to showcase in your career graph.

Why Do People Switch Jobs Within The Company

You will, in general, want to change jobs within the company if:

1. You feel that you have reached the saturation point in your role. 

2. You sense that your growth perspectives have come to an end, and when you feel that you can no longer grow as a professional in your current role but still wish to rise in your career.

3. You upskill and specialise in another field and your current role no longer suits your expertise. For example, if a software engineer decides to upskill in Java Full Stack, their current role wouldn’t be a match. When you upskill, you also want a job that challenges your new knowledge.

Now that you know what can possibly convince you to change jobs within your current company, let’s find out how you can decide if a job switch is the right calling for you. 

The First Step While Switching Jobs

If you have decided that you want to switch jobs, here’s what you should do:

Take a sheet of paper or make a chart that has the answers to the following questions:

1. Why are you looking for this job switch?

2. Do you understand whether you are suitable for the job you are seeking?

You need to figure out if you are opting for the role because it holds a fancy status and pays much higher than your current job, or because you are actually interested in it.

3. Do you have a mentor or a guide to help you throughout the process?

Having some experienced people around you to take you through every step will prove extremely helpful for you. You should at least have a minimum of five people from different fields in your inner circle whom you can go to with all your questions. One of these people can also be someone from within the organisation who can help promote you to your desired role by putting a word to the higher-ups.

4. Do you have a role model?

You should definitely have someone who is either from your group of mentors or someone outside your circle who has switched jobs within the company, just like you wish to. You can, time and again, refer to their journey for inspiration and also to be aware of the mistakes (if any) that they would have made in their journey. 

5. Do you have a strong networking circle within the company?

A strong networking circle can act as your lifeline for word about your job switch to reach the management level. So, if you don’t have one yet, it is time you bring out your networking genius and do your magic. 

Are you intrigued to know what the next step is? Watch this Expert Chat video and find out the rest of the journey that will successfully help you switch jobs within your company:

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