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How to switch off overthinking & switch on your action button in 7 steps?!

By | Rekha Rao |

“I can’t do justice to this assignment I’ve been given. Will my boss ever trust me?”

“I am unable to manage my juniors, I’ll never be a good leader.”

“I shouldn’t have asked that question in the presentation yesterday, people would’ve thought I am stupid!”

“I won’t recollect anything for next week’s exam, I’ll fail!”

“No one was there to guide me while was growing up else my life would have turned out better.”

The above statements are instances of overthinking, where one is constantly plagued with undesirable thoughts about incidents and outcomes that have occurred in the past or are predictions regarding the future.

Most of us think excessively at some point or the other, especially when it’s related to something important in our lives however, a chronic overthinker is unable to shut off the chatter in the brain. This person replays conversations, ruminates over past events, questions decisions, relationships, regrets judgements, visualises disastrous consequences, over and over again.

It may seem helpful that you’re imagining all the possibilities before taking a vital decision, however overthinking actually doesn’t provide any solutions. In fact, an overthinker gets so badly caught up in his net of problems that he’s unable to release himself from it, leading to skewed decision-making, low morale and self-doubt. Persistent overthinking further results in loss of sleep, trouble concentrating, emotional distress finally impacting mental wellbeing.

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