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How To Tell If Other People Find You Attractive

By | Selma June |

Am I wearing too much make-up? Does this dress make me look fat? Am I too thin?

What kind of an outfit should I be wearing to hide (something) I don’t want others to notice? Am I attractive?

These are the questions that almost every woman is dealing with in their everyday life. This has become the brutal reality of the 21st century.

I call it brutal reality because the media has greatly influenced this phenomenon of feeling like we have to be perfect in order to be attractive.

That is why we (and especially women) feel like we need to have perfect hair, nails, outfits, etc., and constantly work on ourself in order to feel good and be attractive to ourself and others.

All these perfect models promoted by the media (as well as other things) invoke insecurities in women and this can be really frustrating when it comes to real life, where perfection is simply unreachable.

Unfortunately, we forget that we are beautiful and attractive as we are and that is why we start questioning it and asking for validation from others.

beautiful woman smiling

Nevertheless, this is perfectly normal because it is in our nature to feel a little bit insecure about ourself and that is not such a bad thing after all.

Feeling insecure motivates you to constantly work on yourself and greatly improve your love life, social life and so on.

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