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How to Truly Make an Impact When Giving Back

These best practices will help you and your business give back in ways that really make a difference

By | Par Chadha |

I’ve spent years contemplating the concept of philanthropy and giving back, and it’s taken me nearly as long to arrive at a place where I feel I understand the difference between truly impactful giving and efforts that have a limited duration. 

I believe that impactful acts of giving are those that plant the seed for something bigger and more enduring. And I’m not just talking about money. In my experience, the most impactful acts of giving don’t always have hundreds of thousands of dollars attached to them.

For example, I think of the small orphanage in India that takes in newborn children who have been left on its doorstep or on the street. With help, the orphanage is in a position to take these infants under its wing and give them a good education — ultimately giving them their own wings to fly and live successful lives.

Our approach to giving back is a departure from the traditional corporate model in that we don’t only focus on larger initiatives. If by mutual agreement we decide that we want to assist an individual, family or singular charity in need or distress, we’ll do so. Little things do add up to something more impactful and, if timely, they change lives for the better.

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