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How to Use the 3 Sins of Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

By | Ericson Ay Mires |

Has your hard work ever been overlooked?  Maybe you’ve been working overtime for weeks, and when promotion time came along, a less experienced co-worker (who rarely, if ever, stays past clock out time) is applauded for his great work and is rewarded with a higher, better paying position.

Or maybe a new website you’ve been working for weeks isn’t getting the traffic you think it deserves. And other, lower-quality websites seem to be as popular as ever (despite being “uglier” or having worse content on it).

Whatever it is, it’s a terrible feeling knowing you’ve worked hard on something only to see others “take” all the credit. And if you’re like most normal people, you’ll probably feel angry… jealous… or even prideful… in response to these unjust situations.

Well, while you can’t always stop this from happening, there IS a way to use this situation to create powerful motivation to bounce back from it. And possibly even let you get what you deserve after all. Life is unfair but it’s more unfair when you don’t handle it well

It’s normal to feel upset or envious whenever you see people succeed when you’ve been struggling (with little to show for it). Most of the time, people end up throwing their hands up in frustration and giving up in response. “What’s the point if it’s just gonna end up like this?” they might think.

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