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How to Use Your Personal Branding to Attract Employees and Clients

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You don’t have to be a branding expert to attract the right clients or the right employees. Just cover the basics.

You’ve perhaps heard a lot about branding a business, but how much time have you invested in building your personal brand? Just like a business’ brand helps form that company’s identity, your personal brand is part of how you market yourself. It can encompass everything from your experiences to your beliefs. And, when it’s done well, your brand can help you snag good employees and clients.

Even if you’re not a thought leader or “influencer,” or haven’t put much thought into your personal branding, you can improve it using these six methods.

1. Think about who you are.

To get to the heart of your personal brand, take a step back and think about who you are as a person. Consider your achievements, talents, interests, career goals, and what motivates you in your professional and personal life. These elements help make up a strong personal brand, and as you develop that brand you’ll want to find ways to include materials that represent each of those qualities.

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