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How to Utilise your Career Break to Your Advantage when You’re Ready to Return to Work

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A career break for a woman is usually associated with getting time off to concentrate on what her priorities are. 

 Well, how does one decide what is someone’s priority? ‘You know our society, we are like that only’ – as we put things together. We own the luxury of this convenient assumption of considering family and kids being at the top of the priority list for any Indian “working” woman. 

 When there is equality exhibited in the gender war why not align with the same thought when it comes to assigning her preferences in life? 

 Statistics say that around 36% of women in India quit their job to take a break due to many reasons. Motherhood, elderly care and lack of a strong support system are the reasons that are the high-rated ones. 

 So the numbers definitely reflect the reasons which we casually accept. But here is the upside of these magical statistical data. 91% of these working women folk also want to make their grand comeback after a span of around 10 to 11 months or more, of their break duration. These numbers are really high when compared with the women in Germany and the US. 

 Now, how cool is that? The proverbial ‘Achche din’ is definitely coming! The women are for sure gearing up to make up for the time lost in their experience. 


Taking a career break might not just entail household chores or a home makeover. Nor is it right to assume that a woman takes a break in her career for marriage or motherhood alone. 

 What you do with the time at hand during your break is what’s most important.

 Career-boosting exercises and strategies work well with the new-age working moms who have aced the art of multitasking. So what are those things which we could do while on a career break? How to efficiently utilize this time which would add ample value to your prospective career opportunity? Let’s try to gather some ideas:

Upgrade your skill wardrobe 

Declutter your brain. Replace the unwanted gossip and thoughts of inability with trending innovation and technologies. Upgrade your skills by registering yourself for career upliftment courses while enjoying a great day at the spa. Replenish with a certification while you rejuvenate with a massage. 

Certifications that will help propel your career 

Sprinkle some soft skills

Rework on your time management and come up with new ways to deal with work-related stress. Brush up those yoga positions and practice better postures. Revisit your love for physical activity which would give you strength and stamina to sustain a tough boss tomorrow.

Hands-on courses that will give you a boost

Give your resume a facelift

Inject a good professional botox to your resume and make it all ready to face the career paparazzi. A well-crafted CV is the first best impression that will last for a long time with any recruiter. Put the internet to good use by checking some winning resume samples to fetch some ideas.

Naps, nail trim and networking

It is always advisable to keep your friends close but your colleagues closer. Never miss an opportunity to connect with the right people at the right time. Positive networking and professional connections when administered in a suggested degree can help you procure better opportunities within the expected time frame. No harm in trying but be careful of going overboard. 

Networking and hiring events for an upward career graph

Pep it up with Pep Talk

Talk, communicate and express your interest and commitments. Stay connected with your family and help them understand about your career choices and their importance. Prepare them with your agenda and explain the importance of that sense of belongingness when it comes to sharing the responsibilities at home.

In the meantime, look up for mentors who can do the same for you. Find them here

Overwatering the negative cactus

No matter if it’s a fern or a female. Trimming gives a good shape, cutting eliminates slack but over pampering can make it dull. Do not give up on your idea of getting back to work that might get overpowered by laziness or lack of confidence. A vegetable in a curry imbibes all the flavour of the spices only after it has boiled at a high temperature. No pain, no gain. Staying focused to achieve what you desire is definitely a task but results will give you the best ever feeling.

 We’ll see you on the other side of your career break! 

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