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How to Utilize Automation for Digital Marketing Success

By | Sheryl Wright

Digital marketing has become the go-to option for public outreach in the modern-day. Everyone is hyper-focused on their electronic devices pretty much all the time, presenting a great advertising opportunity. That is, of course, if the marketing is done right.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways a digital marketing strategy can fail, so having the right tools to get the job done is an absolute must.

For many digital marketing ventures, using automation can drastically improve outcomes and prevent the inevitable headaches which will ensue.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing is any type of advertising that directly targets individuals using electronic devices, usually connected to the internet.

It distinguishes itself from more traditional forms of marketing like TV ads or billboard signs in that it’s considerably less linear. Even a couple of decades ago, advertisers could only spread their message under highly specific conditions, such as during commercial breaks between programming. Nowadays though, the landscape is highly diverse.

Companies looking to enact a marketing campaign have to contend with a largely non-captive audience. There is a multitude of ways people can get around marketing attempts, such as the use of ad blockers, refusing to click on affiliate links, ignoring endorsements, and putting emails in spam folders.

That being said, internet-based marketing campaigns also come with lots of advantages, such as the ability for messaging to go viral or the ability to access highly specific demographic information.

What Is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital marketing automation is the process of taking functions of a marketing strategy that would normally be handled by a marketing team and using a series of automated programs instead.

This sort of automation reduces the workload a team has to experience, which allows for increased customer follow-ups, a decrease in human error, and a lot of time-saving.

While there is a multitude of processes that can be automated, it’s usually most common for email responses to be automated for potential customers that appear interested in purchasing a product or service. Automation is especially useful in the case of an email drip campaign, which often utilizes a complex array of interval-based conditions to work.

How Can Automation Maximize Marketing Results?

Automation can take a lot of the stress and busy work out of most digital marketing campaigns by providing automated responses to most communication-based inquiries.

For instance, it’s possible for automatic emails to be set out at specific intervals or under certain conditions without a marketing team having to physically keep track of current or potential customers. This is certainly true in the case of businesses that deal with inexpensive equipment that will probably need some sort of repair in the future. Construction equipment sellers, car manufacturers, and electronics sellers can all use data regarding when people are most likely to get their purchased items repaired and then send them an email asking them if they need any service done.

These businesses can then offer their highly profitable repair services.

Automation is especially useful when companies are able to collect substantial data about customer behavior. Depending on how people tend to act given certain conditions, automatic emails or responses can be sent out to check if people are in need of anything.

Automated responses are also quite good at encouraging social media engagement. Using a company’s social media following as a data source, it can be determined when most website users are online and under the conditions in which they’re most likely to interact with each other. Using this information, automated posts can be sent out at the exact time they’re likely to gain the most traction.

While automated programs are incredibly useful, it should be kept in mind that they’re only going to work as well as the instructions they’re given. Incorrect or questionable input will undoubtedly garner sub-par results.

Getting the Most Out of Automation

Automated programs and services have tremendous potential for increasing a company’s success by removing many of the informational and time-sensitive barriers inherent to marketing. They also provide a reprieve from time-consuming processes.

The value of automation should not be underestimated and comes with many benefits that can be difficult to find anywhere else.


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