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How To Walk The Talk With Your Leadership Message

Source | | John Hall

What makes a great leader? Is it charisma? Courage? Foresight? All of the above, none of the above, or some combination?

If those questions had definitive answers, we wouldn’t spend so much time speculating what makes a leader truly great. The fact of the matter is that the qualities of a fantastic leader depend on the organization, the situation, and, most importantly, the leader herself. 

Just because there’s no right answer for what makes a leader effective doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain qualities that lend themselves to valuable leadership. Whether it’s honesty or reliability, most great leaders should possess an uprightness and moral fiber that allows them to power through difficult situations.

But how do you build that muscle — and make it clear to others that you want to be the person you say you are?

Leadership Self-Sabotage Is Painfully Common

The easiest way to undermine your moral core as a leader is by betraying your stated values. People pay attention to what leaders say, as well as what they do. If your leadership message doesn’t align with your leadership itself, your value as a leader begins to plummet. When it comes to leadership, you’ve got no choice but to back up your words with action.

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