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How To Withdraw a Resignation (With Examples)


If you’ve recently quit your job, you likely did a fair amount of soul searching before making the decision. You may have had another job lined up, a transition plan in place, and an idea of what to expect over the coming weeks.

However, now you’re not so sure. Maybe your current employer made you a better offer, or there are red flags that the new position is not what you’d hoped when you accepted. Perhaps your job offer was rescinded and you’d like to stay where you are. Can you withdraw your resignation—and if so, how?

How To Withdraw a Resignation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to withdraw your resignation and continue working in your current role. Here’s how to “un-quit” your job.

Talk to Your Manager

Before you formally retract your resignation, speak with your boss. They may be delighted to hear you’re thinking of staying put, which will make your next steps much easier. In any case, it’s important to know where you stand.

Put It in Writing

If you do go forward, you need to write a formal retraction of your resignation. This should be a professional business letter containing all the details of your request to stay on in your job. Remember it is just that—a request. Be gracious and be prepared to be turned down.

Prepare for Any Outcome

Again, your manager may be happy to hear you’d like to stay—but it’s also possible they’ll say no, and you’ll have to leave as scheduled. Be ready to hear bad news. Keep your resume updated and your network on standby with referrals and recommendations just in case you need to embark on a new job search.

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