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How to work a job that’s not your passion, from an ex-Goldman Sachs banker: Get ‘comfortable with being a good-enough employee’

By | Gili Malinsky |

Lindsay MacMillan decided she’d be an author early in life. “I wrote my first short story that I asked to read to the class for Halloween in first grade,” she says. After high school, she attended Dartmouth College where she majored in economics and creative writing, all the while teaching herself about the business of authorship.

As she figured out her path as a writer, MacMillan decided to get a more practical job that “could set me up to take more of a risk in the future,” she says. She went into investment banking at Goldman Sachs and saved up half of her income to prepare for the day she would make the leap into full-time writing.

She wrote two more books during her time at the company, finally landing a deal in 2021. Her debut novel, “The Heart of the Deal,” was published in June.

MacMillan recognizes her good fortune in being able to make a six-figure income at one of the most renowned investment banking firms in the world. Still, it wasn’t her dream job. “I certainly had days and moments where I would just feel a bit resentful and a bit like all I wanted to be doing was writing,” she says.

She’s not alone ― 50% of workers say they dislike their jobs, according to an August 2021 Zippia survey of 1,000 workers across the U.S.

Here’s how the now Michigan-based 28-year-old made the most of those years at Goldman, even as she worked toward her dream.

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