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How to Work Hard the Smart Way: 4 Daily Rituals to Follow

By | Jim Burgoon |

Habits are what sets an average leader apart from a great leader. We can argue that talent is the biggest factor; we may debate how the amount of charisma sets the two apart. Yet, if you were to show me what you believed to be a great leader, I can show you the habits that made her/him great. Great leaders have great habits and know how to work hard the smart way.

What Is Hard Work?

So, what really is hard work? We’ve all heard it somewhere sometime that we need to work hard if we want to achieve anything in life. I started hearing this before I even started elementary school.

However, for all the fuss about working hard, no one ever really explained to me what hard work is. Again, what is hard work?

This is one of the questions where you don’t need a universal definition. Hard work can be whatever you think it is. It may be in the form of putting extra hours at work, or working more intensely, or taking a second job – I’m sure you get the point.

While there is no fixed definition for hard work, there is usually a general meaning the word conveys. It typically means putting in extra efforts and strenuous hours for doing certain tasks.

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