How to write a killer deck, and get funded

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Your presentation is one of the first steps to articulating your idea

Immad Akhund is the CEO and co-founder of Heyzap, the leading Social Games distribution platform beyond Facebook. Heyzap has raised $3.5 million to date and is Immad’s third Startup, He will be writing a series of articles for Lessons Learned.

I have advised a number of Web companies on their way to raise money. I am often mentally ‘face-palming’ as they stagger through their initial pitch. Helping entrepreneurs is something I am passionate about. Knowing how to comfortably raise funding removes the distracting worry of money. Not having to worry about money allows entrepreneurs to focus on the important things, like creating a multi-billion dollar company. 

The key preparation material that most people create for pitching potential investors is a presentation deck. This is normally a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation that highlights key parts of your pitch and something you talk along-side when pitching. To help you write your deck I have complied the most common advice I give to most start ups.

The two most important aspects of pitching are: 1) being confident and 2) conveying a consistent powerful story. 


You must firmly know that you are doing a great thing for the potential investors. You’re not asking for money. Rather, you’re making them money. And, making them a lot of money at that. This may seem like a bold statement but if you do not believe in your product with such conviction the investors will not believe in you either. The deck/pitch is you conveying the vision of your idea.

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