How to Write a Lean Startup Business Plan

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If you’re starting your own small business, you’ve probably already been told, or read, that you need to create a business plan. This is often a long, formal document or executive summary outlining just about every aspect of the company you haven’t yet created. A traditional business plan poses many challenges to new eEntrepreneurs, Startups, Challenges,

, including: 

  • Complexity
  • Time to assemble
  • A lot of work and effort, involving many hours
  • Writing, which may not be your strong suit

A lean startup plan can help you sidestep many of these problems. It involves simplifying the entire process of writing a business plan so it suits your streamlined and agile company. 

Here’s how to create a successful business plan in just one or two pages. 

The Parts of the Lean Startup Business Plan

The essence of a lean startup plan should provide clarity and guidance on these five core concepts: 

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