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How to Write an Essay about Human Resource Management

By | Ben Eubanks | Human Resources Professional, Speaker, and Blogger

People read essays to stay informed on new topics and learn more about specific problems. Human Resource Management (HRM) essays include up-to-date information about concepts that are most relevant to the industry. Like all branches of management, HRM is a soft skill that needs both theories and practical examples. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the different aspects of an HRM essay and answer a common question: “Can anyone write my essay for me?” 

Writing an essay on HRM helps you gain critical thinking skills and the ability to express your thoughts, experiences, and ideas more clearly. It allows the development of skills that are valuable both during your studies and after graduation when you have to write professionally. 

Choose the Right Topic 

The first step of writing an HRM essay is to find a topic that is both interesting and novel. If you find a subject you’re passionate about, you will have a much easier time writing. HRM is a vast field and topics vary from employee motivation, productivity, compensation, and work design to training and performance appraisal. So there are almost no limits on the topic you choose. 

If you’re not given a choice of topic, don’t be disappointed. There are plenty of studies and articles on HRM that can turn any boring subject into a fun learning experience. 

Research the Topic 

In addition to brainstorming and picking a topic, think about your content. Your essay should ideally introduce a new concept or provide a new perspective on an existing concept. Search online or go to the library to find the most recent information on your topic. It’s also a good idea to talk to experts on the subject. 

Try your best to find examples from the latest case studies that relate to your topic. It is essential that you provide several real-life examples to reinforce your arguments. Moreover, examples make your HRM essay more memorable.  

Define the Structure 

The next step in the process of writing your HRM essay involves determining your structure. Writing a good essay involves lots of deliberate thinking. Before you type a single word, you should have a clear idea of each paragraph in your essay. 

Like most academic writing, HRM essays have an intuitive outline: introduction, body, and conclusion. 


The introduction presents your position on the issue and includes your thesis statement, a concise one-sentence that clearly defines your position from the beginning and leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind. 


The body is where you make arguments to support your thesis statement and elaborate on your ideas. It is critical to offer your own original ideas and add a new point of view. A good HRM essay is more than a collection of thoughts and paragraphs from different sources. 

Also, your body section must be well-written and include appropriate headings to make the content easier to scan. Throughout your essay, explain every subject in detail and give enough evidence to support your point. The objective is to convince the reader of the viability of your position.  


The conclusion is the last section of your essay that ties all the pieces together and gives you a final chance to argue your case. You should keep this section relatively short. 

HRM issues are inevitably linked to real-life situations. So, it is worth providing a few (no more than four) recommendations on how you think the topic of your essay can be applied to practical situations. 

Importance of Practical Examples

HRM is full of different, and sometimes contradicting, theories. Practical examples help to clarify these theories and reinforce your argument. Since HRM deals with human psychology, it’s necessary to supply examples from academic experiments, in addition to stories from real-life companies. 

Your essay should include at least a couple of well-placed examples from reliable sources. Publications such as Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune Magazine are excellent places to start. Established academic journals in the field include the Journal of Human Resources, Organization Sciences, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. 

Proofreading Your Essay 

Proofreading is the last step in the process which ensures your essay is the best it can be. But give yourself a break before you start going over your essays. If you have a fresh look at your work, you’re more likely to find sentences that need to be rewritten. Also, carefully check your work for errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

Getting Help 

A frequent question many HRM students have is “Can someone write my essay for me online?” 

Clearly, crafting a superior essay is not an easy task. Due to a lack of time or knowledge, you may search online and copy example resources. But that’s very risky. Instead, it’s better to ask for professional help. 

You might be asking: “Are there professionals who will write my essays for me?” 

The answer is yes. Nowadays, there are many reputable providers that offer custom essay writing service to help you with your HRM assignments. 

Now, you may also ask “Can anyone write my essay online for cheap?”

Getting help from professional essay writers doesn’t have to leave a dent in your wallet. Most online services offer good quality at a reasonable cost, but remember to be vigilant. Sometimes going cheap is a bad idea.

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