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How to Write the Perfect Resume to Get Noticed by Recruiters

By | Priya Kumar |

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, your resume is the best way to market yourself to potential employers. By emphasizing key accomplishments and qualifications, your resume makes a solid argument for why you should be hired for the job you want. And, when it comes to resumes, there are some important truths that everyone needs to know.

Getting hired is extremely competitive, and it’s all about the first impression. In a job market that’s flooded with applicants, you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed by recruiters. That’s where your resume comes in. 

Be Job Ready – Get Trained by Experts

 But how do you write an effective resume? 

 Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you craft the perfect resume, helping you get noticed by recruiters:

  • Keep it simple

Employers are not looking for someone who is going to use big and complicated words, or exaggerate. They want someone who can do the job and will work hard. It does not matter what they majored in while at university because employers only care about your education, experience and skills set. Tailor your resume so that it highlights how you are able to do the job that they are hiring for.


  •   List your accomplishments

 When listing your skills, keep them relevant to the job posting as much as possible. Don’t oversell yourself or include irrelevant points. If you are re-entering the workforce after an extended break from employment, do include this information on your resume. Be truthful and upfront about gaps in employment so that recruiters can trust you. Include the date of separation, the reason for leaving and any relevant experience since then to fill in those gaps in your work history. 

  • Organize your resume so recruiters can find you quickly

 Your resume should be structured in a way that is clear to read, easy to navigate, and will grab the attention of recruiters. Whether you choose a chronological, functional or combination resume format is up to you as they are all effective depending on what works best for you. A chronological resume lists your previous jobs starting with your most recent one and going back in time until your first job. A functional resume focuses on skills rather than where you’ve worked previously which makes it easier to tailor it to different industries if necessary. The combination format includes both types of information, listing skills followed by employment history.

  • Use formatting that makes it easy to check your resume quickly

 One way to make your resume stand out from the rest is by using a PDF format. This ensures your layout will stay intact across all devices and be easy for recruiters to skim through. Using a PDF also makes it easy for you to upload your resume into an online form without losing any formatting.

 Another way you can make your resume stand out from those of other applicants is by using a clear, easy-to-read font. A bold or italic font helps recruiters catch keywords when they’re scanning a sea of resumes.

  • Don’t make these common resume mistakes

 #1: Sending a resume and cover letter that does not match the position you are applying for. This will automatically disqualify your application from consideration. 

 #2: Not tailoring your resume to each job description specifically. Make sure you are highlighting what is most relevant to that particular job. 

 #3: Not using keywords in your resume. What words would hiring managers search for? Include those in your document so they can find you!

 Your resume is your calling card. It must be designed to sell you as the right person for the job, and to set you apart from all other candidates.

 But what are those important hacks other than the tried and tested methods listed above?

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