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How top performers negotiate 30-50% (or more) salary increases

By | Sam Struan | Teaching people how to negotiate double-digit salary increases and navigate today’s job market

It’s no secret that in order to make double-digit salary increases, you usually have to switch companies. 

In fact, in 2014 Forbes suggested that people who switch careers every few years make more 50% more than those who stay at companies longer than 2 years. 

But how to do people leverage their experience to make 30-50% (or more) salary increases?

Tip One. Communicate your value unequivocally

The biggest mistake people make in their résumés, during interviews, and entering salary negotiations is providing vague information.

You always want to be clear and precise about your accomplishments.

Include this type of information:

  • Time. Provide specific examples of when you were met challenging deadlines or were ahead of schedule.
  • Money. Describe how much money you made, saved or managed for the company.
  • Team. Describe the structure, size, and accomplishments of teams you led.
  • Scope. Identify geographic areas you were responsible for and the exact impact you made.

Here are 2 examples of going from vague > specific.

Vague interview response:

“I’ve been praised for being an inspirational leader and can bring strong leadership skills to your company.”

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