How two 21-year-old IIT-Delhi students are solving female hygiene issues

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The heavy silence surrounding female hygiene is fading. The increased awareness and open discussions on the topic are coming from unconventional quarters – one of them is a group of IITians in their early twenties.

Archit Agarwal (21), who is pursuing a B.Tech in textile technology from IIT Delhi, first heard about urinary tract infection (UTI) from a female friend while on a trip to Himalayas with college mates. “I got shocked by the fact that most women in India have suffered UTI at least once in their lives due to dirty toilet seats. I was determined to do something about it.”

After a year of research and development with the help of his professors, Agarwal launched a feminine hygiene brand, Sanfe, in May 2018. His roommate Harry Sehrawat came on board one month after the launch. Now they have a team of 14.

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