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How Uber labor model is changing talent-acquisition

Source | LinkedIn : By Molly Moseley

Uber provides 1 million rides a day, so it’s likely you or someone you know has used the service to zip around town. Over the past few years, Uber has changed the way we travel, but it has also influenced the structure of business and challenged the idea of traditional employment as we know it.

Uber functions using an on-demand business model in which contracted drivers work independently and on their own schedule. This system has been so successful that other businesses have followed suit. Think about it — what can’t you get through an on-demand service? There’s DoorDash (food delivery), Luxe(parking and valet services), instacart (groceries), Drizly (liquor delivery) and so much more.

For recruiters, the trend of businesses offering on-demand service means tackling unique hurdles. Often the core skills of employees are easily transferable from one company to the next, so it’s important to attract the right talent before the competition can swoop in. Workers often jump around between Uber and Lyft or even work for both. It’s essential for recruiters to be heard by the right audiences and to keep them happy enough to stay working long-term.

If you’re a hiring manager at one of these companies, give yourself a recruiting edge by thinking strategically. To start, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when advertising job openings. Use multiple recruitment solutions to reach untapped talent pools and attract new people in different demographics. You must always be willing to try new sources to stay ahead of the competition.

Next, determine the various audiences you want to reach. Identify your target candidates and start marketing directly to those people. For example, I recently saw an Uber commercial marketing to the stay-at-home parent. It was all about working “after hours” or when your kids’ schedule permits. Bingo! This perfectly targets a specific audience and speaks directly to them while giving them key motivating points for applying.

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