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How Well Are You Managing Your Energy?

By | David Klaasen | Helping You Create Clarity, Inspire Your People & Drive Performance | Retain your best people | Changing Management Mindsets and Behaviour | Practical Behaviour Analytics

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘The Dynamics of Energy’ and there’s a really great model developed by Loehr and Schwartz in their great book ‘On Form’, well worth a read, where they look at energy and they look at ‘Positive and Negative Energy’ but also ‘High and Low Energy’.


Because high Energy is just not sustainable. We need to be able to be in a flow of high energy and then into a flow of low energy and be okay with that low energy. Because if we can maintain it on the positive side, life stays really good. And to be aware of when we’re drifting into the negative side of high energy or low energy and what we need to do about how to get out of that. 

So, examples of high energy, we feel ‘Energised’ on a physical level. We can feel ‘Happy’ on an emotional level. We can feel ‘Determined’ on a mental level. And on a spiritual level, we feel ‘Impassioned and Passionate’ about stuff. About stuff that has meaning, about purpose really. And, that’s the interesting thing that, we can look at these energies on these different domains of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. And then look at high energy but also low energy. 

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