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How Will Augmented & Virtual Reality Play a Role in Recruitment?

Source | | Karim Ansari

More and more companies are choosing to go the virtual reality route. Even recruiters. Many recruitment agencies are embracing what virtual reality can bring to them. Why? Because it makes sense. Imagine interviewing candidates in a digital space without having to schedule a time for them to come in physically.

It opens a door into an untapped market which allows people of different profiles a chance at roles they weren’t previously able to interview for. At least that’s what I think. Does our expert panel think the same?

Jonathan Kestenbaum 

While I don’t see a huge use case for talent acquisition today, I do think that VR will play a huge role in the training and development of employees. If VR were to play a larger role in everyday life, I anticipate there would be some use cases around employer branding.

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs

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