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How Will Video Interviewing Tools Transform Recruitment in 2019 and Beyond

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There’s no denying how video interviewing tools can transform recruitment. Hiring can become much more streamlined, enriching, and interactive. We measure their key impacts and look at three vital trends in video interviewing.

Trends and the road ahead

Undoubtedly, video interviewing is a game-changer for modern recruitment. What’s more, 2019 will witness several new adoption pathways and wider acceptance, with recruiters asking for recommendations via video reference checking. Further, a plethora of new video interviewing tools will make implementation simpler and more seamless.

Today, tech-giants like Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and Google are already using videos as part of their recruiting strategy. In fact, even if you’re a smaller business, it makes sense to deploy video interviewing tools, given that it helps recruiters better assess a candidate’s focus, confidence, skill, and overall experience levels.

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