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How women employees are faring in Automobile sector in India, ETHRWorld |


  • About 4,500 women are employed by Tata Motors India, and are actively engaged in shop floor roles.
  • Currently, women account for 37 percent of MG Motor India’s overall workforce and 24 percent of the company’s leadership comprises women.
  • About 60 percent of Hyundai Motor India’s campus hires were women this year.
  • MG Motor India manufactured its 50,000th MG Hector with an all-women crew at its Halol plant in Gujarat, where women entirely led the end-to-end production.

<p>The role of women in the auto industry across streams is evolving at a fast pace.</p>
The role of women in the auto industry across streams is evolving at a fast pace.

The automobile sector is a vital contributor to India’s economic growth. It contributes 7.5 percent to the country’s overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and 49 percent to the manufacturing GDP.

Amidst the challenging circumstances, the Indian auto parts industry has experienced an astounding 23 percent growth, conferring a 2.3 percent to the country’s GDP at present.

In spite of the sector making such valuable contributions to the country’s economy, the gender diversity, equity and inclusion in this space are still lagging behind in some ways, and need to be addressed.

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