How Women with Impact Businesses Can Raise More Venture Capital

Source | LinkedIn | Fiona Macaulay | Founder-CEO WILD | Professor @ Georgetown University McDonough School of Business | Columnist

When I first started out in business, the lines were clearly drawn: if you wanted to make money, then either you joined the corporate world or followed your entrepreneurial vision. If you were a do-gooder, then you gravitated to the nonprofit sector. When I founded a for-profit social enterprise in 1999, I felt like I was almost alone out there.

But what I am seeing as I mentor and coach entrepreneurs in the United States and globally is that more and more of them want to build companies that can make a positive social impact — in health care, in education, in the environment, you name it — and they are still interested in making money. 

It is practically beyond argument that the problems we face are so enormous, we are going to need more and smarter market-based solutions to solve them. Female entrepreneurs are well-positioned to seize those opportunities. 

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