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How Would You Feel If Your Boss Was Regularly Searching for Your Replacement?

Source | Linkedin | Robert Glazer | Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Speaker | Founder & CEO @ Acceleration Partners

Last month, I wrote an article on LinkedIn about why counteroffers don’t work, which drew a significant number of comments, many of them very pointed. What seemed to spark the most conversation was my reasoning that when an employee accepts a counteroffer to stay at their company after being offered a job at another company, trust is broken and long-term outcome is poor for both sides.

A popular counterargument to my point was that employees should always be looking for the best possible situation for themselves, even if it means constantly being open to other jobs. Therefore, because employees have the right to do this, accepting a counteroffer should not impact trust. The first part is correct—an employee obviously has the right to keep a lookout for the best situation for them—but it was not the point I was attempting to make.

The relevant issue is trust, not loyalty (which was mentioned by many), as I never implied that an employee who looked for another job was disloyal. My feeling was that if they are offered that new better job, they should take it and not go back to the company and use it as leverage. The reason is the long-term outcomes of doing this are very poor for both the company and the employee.  That is the reality.

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